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dc.contributor.authorSilloriquez, Ma. Nelia P.
dc.identifier.citationSilloriquez, M. N. P. (2017). Enduring silence on violence in the nursing workplace: An emerging phenomenon. WVSU Research Journal, 6(2), 39-60.en
dc.description.abstractThis phenomenological study aims to understand the lived experiences of practicing nurses about workplace violence in two tertiary hospital setting. Selected nurses who have personally experienced two or more bullying behaviors in the work setting and whose job statuses were either regular, casual, or job hired were identified informants for an in-depth interview. The interview data were transcribed and five themes generated and evolved. These are (a) workplace violence happens to anyone: workplace violence is becoming rampant in the health care industry, (b) there are damaging circumstances as a nurse: impact of workplace for nurses, (c) unpleasant experiences are better forgotten: how nurses survive workplace violence, (d) I am a Nurse and I stand by my profession: why nurses opted to stay despite their workplace violence experiences, and (e) I long for a better place: a better workplace for nurses. In the narratives, study reveals that informants experienced unforgotten disruptive behaviors such as fear, frustration, verbal abuse, humiliation and threat. Abuse or misuse of power of authorities resulting to diminishing trust and confidence in hospital administration created feelings of helplessness and demoralization that eventually reduced their feeling of dignity and self-respect. Legitimate occupational issues within the nursing workplace need attention and if interventions are ignored, the consequence is enduring silence.en
dc.publisherUniversity Research and Development Center, West Visayas State Universityen
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.subjectenduring silenceen
dc.subjectworkplace violenceen
dc.subjectPhenomenological studyen
dc.subjectLater Violenceen
dc.subjectworkplace violence survey questionnnaireen
dc.subjectSelf-test for Type "A" Personality Checklisten
dc.subjectType A Personalityen
dc.subject.lcshMedical personnel--Professional ethicsen
dc.subject.lcshViolence in the workplaceen
dc.titleEnduring silence on violence in the nursing workplace: An emerging phenomenonen
dcterms.accessRightsOpen accessen
dc.citation.journaltitleWVSU Research Journalen

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