The West Visayas State University Institutional Repository and Electronic Dissertation and Theses PLUS (WIRED++) is the official institutional repository of scholarly and creative works of taga-West.

WIRED++ Objectives:

  • offer long-term preservation, access, retrieval, and dissemination of scholarly and creative works of taga-West
  • serve as the research hub of taga-West showcasing their excellence, creativity, innovation, and service to the community
  • increase accessibility, visibility, and citation of taga-West’s research, creative works, publications, and technologies to its stakeholders globally

The following scholarly and creative works of taga-West will be made available in the WVSU Institutional Repository:

  • Publications in scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings
  • Research abstract, posters and papers presented at Conferences
  • Research papers (Clinical, Community, Pharmacological, etc.)
  • WVSU Research Journals, Medical Journals, College and Campus Journals, Student Journals, Newsletter and other serials
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Patents and utility models
  • Literary works
  • Annual reports
  • Newsletters and bulletins
  • Flyers, brochures, among others

In the future, it plans to include a wide range of materials in the repository, such as multimedia/audiovisual materials, photos, memorabilia, performances, instructional materials, modules, lesson plans, laboratory manuals, computer programs, source codes, software, research data, and more.

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